Practice Ice and Rescheduled Games

Practice Ice - Practice ice can be booked on the calendar online.  To cancel practice ice - click into "Member Information" - click "My Ice Bookings" - you will be able to cancel from there.  An email will inform Karen of the cancelled practice ice and will open it up automatically.
Note to Members regarding practice ice - make-up games come first, if a group of members need a time slot to get their make-up game in we will cancel your practice ice time for their game.  Thank you!

Reschedule a game - Have a look at the curling calendar online to view open ice sheets.  Once confirmed with both teams' email Karen the date and time of the sheet you would like to book - include the league, date and time of the game you are rescheduling and the game will get changed online.

All Curlers and in particular Junior Curlers are strongly encouraged to wear protective head gear while on the ice.

Practice Ice Bookings: Book practice ice through the website curling calendar.  Need to cancel your practice ice???  "My Information"  "My Ice Bookings" -  cancel from there.

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